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Learn. Improve. Grow.

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K-12 Coaching, Tutoring or Both*?

Today's Growth. Tomorrow's Success.

Coaching is all about moving forward and getting traction were you need it most. 

Tutoring is all about building necessary skills in specific academic subjects to give your student the advantage they need in school.  

Contact us for affordable options customized for you and your family!

*Nelson Notes believes students benefit from a holistic approach to education.  All tutoring, coaching services can be mixed and matched for the benefit of students who need help in specific subjects in addition to academic strategies and skills assessments. 


We serve a variety of families including students who have IEP's, anxiety, ADHD, and more.

What is coaching about?
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Academic coaching includes learning, improving, and growing in key academic skills including vision building, time management, organization, memory techniques, test taking strategies and more.

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Literacy coaching focuses on lifelong literacy skills including reading comprehension strategies, essay writing support, editing and proofing tips, and communication techniques.

Holy Bible King James Edition


This by-request discipleship based coaching matches coaches with a Christian worldview and discipleship partner with families who consider faith and integral part of education. 

K-12 Coahing
How does coaching work?
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Nelson Notes Process

Education rooted in encouragement, relationship, and critical thinking!

Personal Consultation

An essential component of coaching is understanding  each student - where is the frustration?  Where has a student stalled?  How can we help?  We discuss strategies with you and bring you in on the process!*  We can suggest learning strategies, even if you decide not to use our services!



We cycle through key behavioral strategies, personality tests, study habits, organizational strategies and so much more.  Coaching isn't just one academic element - it is truly learning about each student and finding out how to get amazing traction to reduce stress for everyone.


Ice Breaker Session

We listen. 
A key part of coaching is relational.  We want to get to know your student and what makes your student "tick."  This begins with a virtual ice-breaker session where our primary goal is to listen and understand what's going on. 


Monthly Reports

Want just the right amount of follow up and feedback?  We can provide that!  We find out your schedule and provide reports in a way that is both detailed, but won't fill up your email box with too much information!  


Needs Analysis

We evaluate needs.  But not just once.  We have a policy to keep asking, keep listening and keep researching so we integrate real-time strategies at just the right moments.  We have found students tell us key times for key strategies when we listen!


Future Growth

No matter how many session you sign up for, it's our desire that you gain skills necessary not just for today, but for tomorrow too!  

That's why we develop and point you to resources, skills and strategies that will help you even after coaching ends. 

Tutoring Pricing

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