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Consider these samples our gift -
whether you use or services or not.  
Do you love your neighborhood book club?  We do too!  This resource was designed to build community, empathy and inclusivity.  Please feel free to share freely.  
Don't know where to start when you have to write an expository essay?  If you want a quick map reminder of how to structure a non-fiction essay, look no further!
Marketing, public speaking, sales and rhetoric have one thing in common - finding the right words.  Check out this handy table to learn persuasive techniques for your next project.  

AP History:  Essay Organizer
Highschool: Grades 9-12

Learn how to organize AP CCOT Essay with this helpful graphic organizer.  This is a great tool for teachers, tutors and coaches - not to mention students!

RE:  CCOT Essay (Continuity and Change Over Time) & PERSIA Model (Political, Economic, Religion, Social, Intellectual, Arts)
More and more we want to support the educational community.  We have both practical experience and consulting services designed to help a very special community - the homeschool community.  This report card will help you assess and report on your student's progress.

Bible Study Methods Infographic
Adults & Kids: Grades 6-12

We love the Bible!  This handy infographic details several Bible Study methods so that you know just where to begin.  Some methods are simple and some are in depth.  Click to access .PDF file.

RE:  Bible Study Methods (Swedish, COMA, CAPTOR, SOAP, Inductive)
Free Martin Luther King Book Club Workbook
Free CCOT Essay PERSIA History Essay Organizer
Free Expository Writing Map Handout
Free Homeschool Report Card Form
Free Bible Study Methods Infographic
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