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Learn. Improve. Grow.

Our Story

Our Story:

Nelson Notes LLC started in October of 2020 during COVID.  We recognized and still recognize that many students were struggling with the the technology changes of today. 


We genuinely care about seeing students succeed.  We know that learning issues are more complex than simply picking an educational environment (remote or in-person).  Parents recognize that some students struggle both on-line and in-person, while other students have strong preferences about on-line or in person. 


However, we see that all kids face new challenges and have to learn new technology and relate with friends in remote spaces all the time.  We see that really, it's connection that matters! 


Our coaching, tutoring, and workshops are designed for engagement with 1:1 venues for coaching and tutoring and small class sizes for all workshops.  That way, your student gets engagement, individual help with technology, and partners who care.  

Our Goal: 

Our goal is to provide every student (of every age) customized educational outcomes delivered virtually in engaging ways, and reinforced with high-quality resources.   

Our Vision: 

Our vision is to seek to care about individuals authentically, practically, and strategically by helping people learn, improve, and grow in a wide variety of contexts.​

Our Mission: 

Our mission is to provide outstanding, personal, and timely educational experiences to students of all ages. From  training to coaching, tutoring to teaching, curriculum design to editing, our services are designed to be personal, meaningful and educational.

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Carol Nelson


Nelson Notes LLC is dedicated to providing quality educational services to students of every age. 

Why the name Nelson Notes?  

Hand-written notes are often meaningful, sometimes educational, and always personal. At the heart of a great note is the desire to communicate meaningful, relevant, and uplifting information in a personal way.  The name “Nelson Notes” is a good example of the literary technique “alliteration” which combines two initial consonant forms to make something more memorable.


The idea for “Nelson Notes” came from the one simple idea. Carol Nelson wanted to start a company with relational connections and growth as central.  So, the name could really connect any coach and any student with any name, and still fall under the idea of a “Nelson Note."


So, really, the term “notes” is in some ways more important that the name “Nelson” because the company name is really a metaphor or symbol for meaningful, educational and personal connections.


Our Founder


Nelson Notes LLC was founded by Carol Nelson - a dedicated trainer, teacher, writer and mom with over twenty-five years of experience in professional, school, and homeschool educational settings.   Carol has counted it a privilege to support a variety of clients throughout the years. 


Carol's background out of college (George Mason University, BA English Literature) was in editing and graphic design. She then began technical training using the same software applications that she had used as a graphics designer and editor.  She trained a variety of individual, corporate, government and business clients in the DC area.


Following several years of corporate technical training, she began one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs she has held - she became a homeschool mom.  She began homeschooling her three children (who are now adults) and worked with a wonderful homeschool umbrella team in the DC area to support individual educators and parents as a home-school reviewer, mentor, and coordinator. 


Since then, she has enjoyed partnering with individuals, schools, after-school programs, educational startups and small businesses to provide program management, training, writing, teaching, and curriculum design services.  

Carol's educational experience is Classical with a tech twist. She has experience teaching a variety of literature, writing and logic classes as a private school teacher in Classical schools.  She is currently pursuing an MA from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Christian Education and Biblical Counseling.  

Carol is genuinely excited about serving students of ALL ages - setting age bias aside!  Carol deeply cares about inclusivity and diversity in education. 

The Gospel

If you are breathing, you have a worldview.  Our worldview is Christian.  We understand that we have a bias, and that you have a bias.  But we also believe today is the day that we can cross bias lines to love one another and walk in unity.  So, we respectfully serve people with multiple worldviews.    


The Gospel matters, because it is still good news.  The Gospel can be summed up in a few words "Jesus in my place," and it's the good news that Jesus lived a perfect life, died as a substitutionary (and perfect) sacrifice so that you no longer strive to measure up no matter how broken you feel, how unjustly you've been treated, or how many mistakes you feel like you've made.


In his book entitled "The Gospel," JD Greear says that the "good news of the gospel is that Jesus lived the life we were supposed to live and died our death [and he also remembers that] Peter says this is the gospel that saves and to which we must respond by hearing and repenting and believing."


The joy of the Gospel, is a message frees us to care for individuals with love and compassion at the forefront of what we do.

Two Pens

One Goal:  Compassionate Service
Every client. Every age. 

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