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Christian Coaching

Discipleship. Training. Authenticity


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Christian Coaching: Get Unstuck


Christian Coaching is a distinctly biblical approach to coaching.  We honor the biblical mandate to make disciple-making disciples, to love and live for Jesus Christ, and to pursue life goals under one overarching goal: honor the Lord first and pursue enjoyment in HIM as a reflection of loving and living for HIM.  


This faith-based approach honors students, families, and the Christian worldview and values they hold dear.  We understand that faith isn't a one-time decision, but rather a progressive decision to learn, improve, and grow.  That's why we value a discipleship-focused coaching methodology which places both methods and strategies within a biblical and Gospel-focused framework.


Christian coaching focuses upon:

  • Addressing specific areas where individuals are "stuck" from a Christian perspective

  • Scripture memory, discussions, and integration into goal setting

  • Discipleship focused models & discipleship focused growth

  • Reading comprehension strategies that integrate the Bible

  • Christian Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Models

  • Time Management which aims at placing the pursuit of spiritual disciplines and fellowship as core elements.

  • Habit Building Models that address not just external, but internal motivations

  • Communication Strategies to help communicate with grace, kindness, and God-honoring speech]

  • Integrating orthodox Christian resources, books, curriculum & helpful tools for growth

What is Christian Coaching?

from anywhere...

We provide a host of services to support young adults and their families.  These services including meeting with the whole family to discuss expectations, communication, and goals* for moving forward.

If you are a family who values a Christian worldview, and you need help creating a family vision and mission and specific steps to move forward or get "unstuck" with your communication patterns, we are here to help. 

Family Coaching, Christian Coaching, Family Contracts

* We even provide tailored "Family Contracts" to help transitioning young adults understand and agree to family expectations in the home which may include rent, chores, and other reasonable expectations. 

Support your family
Christian Coaching
Family Contract: Helping your kid understand expectations

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Please contact us for pricing.  Our prices reflect the fact that for each and every session, we prepare, plan, and even design curriculum.  If you want 1:1 support and summaries every month detailing your student's progress, you have come to the right place!  We offer hardship discounts because we know compassion counts. 

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