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We use classic and original resources to help students develop better academic habits!
Personal Diary

Study Habits Matter!

Academic success includes understanding strengths and weaknesses, building fresh motivation, communicating well, and building good study habits. 


We find out who your student is and ask great questions to put the right tools in your student's hands at the right time!

Strategic Planning:

Studies show that "chunking" and "spaced retrieval" are two efficient methods

for studying.  We teach both.  

Feel free to use our free Five Day Study Planner below: 

Cornell Notes: 
Modified to Analyze Poetry

Cornell Notes.Poetry.NelsonNotesLLC.png

At Nelson Notes LLC, we like to say "one size fits one," meaning that we don't approach training, tutoring, or coaching with a one size fits all approach.  

In the same way, we like to customize and modify classic study tools and techniques to fit our subject and our students.

-Carol A. Nelson


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