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Academic Coaching 

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Academic Coaching
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ACADEMIC COACHING is a one-on-one process of encouraging, motivating, and assisting K-12 students in gaining confidence, building skills, and overcoming barriers to begin their journey towards success. Coaches help students devise a personalized plan of action in the following areas:

  • Homework Help

  • Grade Checks & Accountability

  • Test Taking Strategies

  • Organizational Help

  • Time Management Techniques

  • Communication Skills

  • Goal Setting Models

  • Time Management Tips

  • Habit Building Models

  • Calendar Management Support

  • Study Habit Suggestions

  • Memory Techniques

  • Behavioral Systems

  • Social Emotional Learning Skills

  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Practice

Academic Coaching Skills List
What is academic coaching?
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We customize a wide variety of strategies, techniques, and systems to provide your student with solutions that challenge them to own, manage, and take action for their own academic journey!


We encourage, encourage, encourage so your student builds confidence and proficiency.


We know that support isn't just for the student - it's for the whole family.  we are available to chat, support, and continue the conversation! 

Academic Coaching Advantages
Academic Coaching Strategies

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