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Businesses. Schools. Institutions.

Do you need custom training designed to reflect your vision and mission?
  • Provide rich learning experiences to cultivate positivity and productivity

  • Teach strategic skills to enhance better understanding and communication with your team and customers

  • Design training with your vision, mission, and goals woven into the fabric of each step of training

Adult Students
Virtual Training, Remote Training, Christian Training


Learn. Improve. Grow.

How Our Training Works

We partner with you to create an engaging learning experience including training, delivery, and resources.  We consider your team, your growth, and your bottom line.

Personal Consultation

You meet with us to discuss your vision, mission and goals for training, which includes opportunities to weigh in about preferred tools and delivery methods. 



Your team decides how to walkthrough content!  We can meet with you, your team, or simply communicate via email.  We are sensitive about your time and budget.


Needs Analysis

We listen. 
We analyze the needs of your particular team, including budgetary and time constraints.  We research and develop suggested content. 



Nelson Notes suggests a minimum 1- 3 modules delivered in half-day or less increments to keep training light and interesting!


Content Outline

We provide an outline of content including sources, delivery method specs, and ideas for making curriculum FUN (including polls, games, slides, and more).  


Future Assessments

We grow with you!  
We look forward to assessing how training works for you!  We can make any modifications you need for future training sessions!

How does training work?
How we focus on growth

Focus on Growth


Implement your ideas with growing your team, your skills, and your students! 

Authentic, Custom Training Experiences to GROW your team!

We specialize in custom training
solutions for your specific needs. 


We have experience in the following areas:
  • C.A.R.E. for your Team (Care. Authenticity. Respect. Empathy)
  • Bringing Hospitality to Your Organization
  • Making Training Engaging!
  • Writing Workshops:  Marketing, Managing & Business Writing
  • Classical Communication
We serve a variety of clients:​
  • Specialized Curriculum for Schools
  • Customized Curriculum for Small Businesses
  • Curated Solutions for Institutions
  • Biblically Based Christian Curriculum & Training
Training Solutions
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