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Nelson Notes
Classic & Cutting Edge Strategies

Designed for YOU & YOUR STUDENT!

Did you know that we use the latest scientific learning studies, behavioral studies from top colleges, and the latest coaching techniques?

We write our own curriculum with your students in mind!  So, if you are looking for engaging, hands-on resources designed for virtual environments, you've come to the right place.  We create curriculum to use when we coach, teach, tutor, so that we can encourage even the most reluctant students.

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Our Philosophy: One Size Fits One

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Our son literally went from a career C/D student to almost straight A’s in 6 months.

Jack is a super smart kid, but had no drive and no “wins” under his belt. We were at a loss and didn’t know what to do next and then I ran into Carol at a chamber event. She was exactly who we needed!

Carol and her team CARE.


They keep their pricing affordable because coaching/tutoring can be a step taken to help your child develop life skills, ways to cope with stress and anxiety as well as finding a sense of accomplishment from INSIDE THEMSELVES and divert possible therapy.


If your child is looking for outside rewards and never feels like they’ve done it simply for their own well being they won’t make it in the real world.

We are now going to monthly life coaching to keep him accountable with grades and learn communication skills that will help him with interviews and jobs to come. I cannot recommend Nelson Notes LLC enough!!


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I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Navigating the school system and trying to help your child can be not only frustrating, but challenging to find the right educational partner. We have been fortunate to find Carol when my daughter was in the 1st grade and has been with us till now (7th grade). Not only for her but me as well. Carol has a gift to connect with all learning styles to help tutor your children and so does her team. When a child is struggling, understanding the school system adds another layer of stress when you are not familiar with it. I strongly recommend contacting Carol to discuss options. Finding someone who has the team to offer tutoring resources along with parent navigating is rare. My daughter doesn't even view it as tutoring, but a friend she can confide in and it doesn't feel like work and makes it fun.


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Our coach has been amazing for my boys, ages 7 and 13. She quickly formed a bond with them and earned their trust. She is patient, encouraging, compassionate and overall just amazing at what she does! She is flexible and understand of our crazy cancer life. I highly recommend for all your educational needs!


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Our Success IS Your Success

We are committed to you, your family, and your vision and goals.  We offer a host of remote services from the comfort of your home with a focus on maximizing digital tools, teaching key coaching strategies, and implementing the best methods and tools for client success.

Our Success IS Your Success
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